Stage plays are those that are performed live on a stage or theater. They are not recorded in secondary storage devices like the movies. They require one to travel to a theater, buy a ticket, and sit in the theater for quite some time to watch them.

They may have certain downsides, granted. However, they too have some benefits. In the discussions that follow, these benefits are going to be highlighted and discussed in details.

The advantages

Direct Interactions with the Actors

This is by far the most significant benefit or advantage of watching stage plays. It gives one the rare privilege of meeting and interacting one-on-one with the actors such as patricia quinn playboy. Moments after the play ends, the audience will usually be given some time to interact and talk to the actors.

They may also take photographs and have their auto books, T-shirts, memoirs, and other paraphernalia signed by the actors. This leads to greater enjoyment as a whole. Watching a movie at home does not in any way enable one to enjoy this benefit.

Socializing and Bonding

actorsApart from interacting with the actors, stage plays also allow for socializing and bonding with the other attendees. Moments before, in between the plays or immediately after a play, the attendees will usually have time to interact, talk to, bond, and socialize with other attendees.

This again enhances the overall experience and enjoyment of the plays. It also sets this form of entertainment apart from others. Such kind of one-on-one interaction is not possible at all when movies are watched at home.

Improved Attentiveness

By watching these plays live, the viewers get to sharpen their attention skills. This is because the plays cannot be rewound, fast-forwarded, or replayed for whatever reason. One has to be very attentive from start to finish to be able to capture all the relevant details.

It, therefore, follows that those who watch these plays every quite often is sharper, more alert, and attentive than those who prefer other channels of viewership. Such a skill may come in handy while driving or performing chores that require longer attention spans.

Enhanced Reality

Live stage plays are very real. They are not blended with falsehoods as is the case with recorded plays. One gets to see and experience the plays as they exist in reality as opposed to how the directors and producers want them to appear to be.

This brings along several benefits. For one, it ensures that only the true positions are relayed. It also eliminates any inaccuracies or ambiguities that may often arise whenever any falsehoods are peddled.

Greater Details

As hinted above, live stage plays are not edited or exaggerated in whichever shape or form. They, therefore, furnish only truthful and accurate information. Moreover, they also supply greater details than their recorded counterparts.

This is because they are not compressed to fit certain durations of time as is the case with those plays that are shot on the scene or pre-recorded. This means that those who opt to view these live plays get to know so much more than other categories of viewers.

Limited Distractions

actor in the audienceAll those who go to a theater do so with one accord; to watch the plays. They do not fidget, listen to other forms of entertainment, or perform other chores in the meantime. For this reason, the theater is usually quiet and well coordinated.

The home environment is not so. That is because a typical home contains various kinds of persons. One might be a student struggling to complete homework, yet another listening to a favorite radio station, one browsing the internet, and one watching a movie, and so on.

This subsequently means that one is likely to encounter minimal distractions in a theater environment as compared to the home environment.

Higher Value for Money

Given that the details that are supplied in a live stage are more than those provided for by the recorded plays; viewers obtain a higher value for money. They pay pretty much the same but obtain so much more details in return.

Other than that, the viewers are often served refreshments and also get to accrue several other non-monetary benefits discussed above. In light of this, it is in the interest of any movie or plays enthusiast to give live stage performance topmost priorities.


All factors considered, watching stage plays is by far more superior to watching pre-recorded plays. The benefits are way too many to be completely overlooked. Because of this, it is in the best interest of anyone to give it a topmost priority over and above the ordinary movie watching.